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3 Jan 2018

"I guarantee if you get up early in the morning and you work out and you work hard, you will have a better day — 100% guaranteed." - Jocko Willink

Therefore what better way to kick off 2018 than by signing up to one of the 7am classes and reaping the numerous benefits that training in...

19 Jun 2017

Why boxing makes you feel good

Those of us who have caught the boxing bug know it; those of us who haven’t yet have heard it: boxing makes us feel really good.  But why?  Isn’t it violent, barbaric and destructive?  Actually, the opposite: there are scientific, historical and emotional reasons why bo...

1 May 2017

Introducing Power of Boxing’s guest health coach, Nixie Graham of Instagram’s Naturally Nixie

In her quest for a diet to best complement boxing, the Boxing Godmother speaks to food, health and meditation coach Nixie Graham, AKA Instagram’s Naturally Nixie.

Nixie made the following recommendations to o...

17 Apr 2017

While some politicians are building walls in an effort to solve social problems, a quiet revolution has been taking place with the same aim, for centuries, within boxing clubs around the world.

Barbed wire fences until recently have been separating refugees in The Jungle, Calais, from Britain.  Meanw...

So, why boxing?

Boxing is one of the oldest and most widespread sports in the world, yet its priceless value to the modern world is only just becoming fully recognised. 

As stories from the Rio Olympics testify, taking up boxing has completely changed people’s lives.  From taking kids off the streets...

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