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We aspire to bring together all types of people to create healthier, happier, and more connected people and communities.

We are passionate about channelling the power of boxing to:


  1. Boost health and fitness, by:

    • energising and inspiring people in their daily lives; and,

    • making fitness fun through an authentic boxing experience, during which they can also pick up the basics of a new skill.

  2. Create opportunities for people to connect and achieve impact, by:

    • creating a close-knit community and network effect for our participants, trainers, and partners to fuel community camaraderie, ignite collective purpose, and achieve lasting impact; and,

    • providing employment opportunities - as our trainers - to amateur boxers, disadvantaged individuals, and reformed offenders in a safe environment.

  3. Support organisations focussed on community cohesion, by:

    • sourcing employment opportunities for participants/ members of such organisations, and boosting revenues of their boxing facilities; and,

    • fundraising for them and promoting their proud heritage.


Our co-founders, Bear and Alex, are life-long best friends, and share a passion for sport, helping others, and bringing people together from all walks of life.


Bear is the heart and soul of the venture, with a passion for endurance events and white-collar boxing. His professional background is in property, and since 2008 he has played an integral role in organising the boxing training behind premier white-collar boxing events in London.


Alex is the commercial mind, with a passion for amateur sport, and creating high-performance commercial cultures and organisations with a deep social conscience. His professional background is in corporate finance, he holds an MBA from London Business School, and he was a former professional cricketer.


In 2008, Bear was preparing for his first white-collar boxing fight, and went to Fitzroy Lodge to train, dragging Alex with him when he could. There they met Mark Reigate, the head coach, and started to develop their passion for the sport. In late 2015, Bear and Alex decided to turn that passion into a business venture, and called it Power of Boxing.


Initially starting out at Fitzroy Lodge in Lambeth, they expanded into their second site at Carney’s Community in Battersea in early 2016, and have exciting plans for more site roll-outs over the coming months – watch this space!

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