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A 1-hour, high-intensity, non-contact, group fitness circuit in authentic boxing gyms that combines cardio boxing exercises and technical pad work in the ring, with muscle toning and core strength work (see our instagram feed for more footage of the sessions!). 


It has been formulated with input from our qualified trainers, former professional boxers, special forces soldiers, and elite athletes, and is set to high-octane workout music.  It provides a total body workout with a target 1,000 calorie burn (for those with HR monitors), and offers a fun opportunity to learn some of the basics of the noble art!


Our sessions are open to all age, skill, and fitness levels; and attract clients from all backgrounds and professions (including entrepreneurs, soldiers, lawyers, artists, stay-at-home mums and dads, models, sportsmen, etc.), and enjoy a broadly equal mix of men and women.


“It's the best workout I've done. The gym is authentic, everyone pushes themselves and each other, and the coaches are great!”


“The sessions are high-intensity, extremely rewarding and addictive!  After the sessions I just feel euphoric!”


“The workout gives me an endorphin rush and the mental image I have of the session is smiles!”


“The experience and venues are unique, particularly the pad work, as are the people and trainers involved. The workout is challenging!”


“It’s an amazing cardio blow-out, the sessions are raw, and I enjoy learning a new skill set [boxing]”


“My arms and shoulders feel like jelly...that press up waterfall was the nail in my coffin!”


“The workout is hard work, well-structured, with sufficient opportunity to learn and maintain my boxing technique”


“I enjoy the access to qualified boxing coaches, and also supporting the worthy organisations behind the sessions”


“After the workout I feel deep satisfaction – a fitter, healthier, stronger me!”


“I had a great time. Just the kind of training I enjoy and have been searching for ever since I got to London”

“Amazing session last night and it pushed me to the edge! The intensity was insane and it was so much fun. Loved the session and the trainers were very motivational!”

“Fantastic workout. Enthusiastic coaches who really cater to all abilities, you’ll work hard and leave the gym buzzing. Give it a try…you’ll be hooked!”

"I thoroughly enjoyed it and I can safely say I have never worked out with a group of strangers that were so encouraging. It was a definite case of girl power and empowerment!! The trainers were great, very welcoming, [and] I'd definitely recommend the class. It was a breath of fresh air (I've obviously been going to too many up tight over-priced boutique gyms!); it got into my head and muscles...looking forward to round two!!"

"Thank you for everything that you have done to develop the Power of Boxing Community. It has been one of the absolute highlights of my time in London - the people, community, and atmosphere are going to be missed SO very much."

"I love Power of Boxing. Their authentic gyms attract all sorts of people. When you walk in everyone is treated as an equal, you learn to respect all walks of life and good core values are championed. It's a special place."

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