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Our qualified trainers – headed up by Mark Reigate from Fitzroy Lodge – range from former amateur boxers with over 100 competitive fights to reformed offenders who have learnt their boxing skills the hard way. 


Regardless of background, they each share a passion for the noble art of boxing and have respect for the high values that the sport engenders. 


They enjoy passing on their technical knowledge to enthusiastic amateurs, and love challenging clients to reach their physical limits!

To find out more about personal training with one of them please just get in touch using the button below.



Boxing for Mark ‘saved my life’: brought up on a rough council estate in south London by a single mother, Mark said he ‘knew where my dad was, I remember going to Wandsworth Prison to visit my dad when I was a child; being searched.  I remember the police raided my house’.  Mark says he looks at where his friends from the estate are now, and many are involved in serious crime, in jail, drinking too much, out of work.  Mark was one of the lucky ones: ‘I’ve always been involved with [boxing] which has kept me on the straight and narrow, given me a focus on something which has made me mentally stronger as well.  I’ve been brought up on a council estate: you’ve got the kids who say they want to be part of a gang, get their profile up […;] our gang’s the boxing club and that’s what gets my profile up.’


Mark went on to enjoy a successful amateur career, with over 100 bouts under his belt, before becoming one of London’s most respected boxing trainers.  He has been involved in coaching numerous high profile people for both charities and films, including Daniel Day Lewis, Jack Osbourne and Ben Shephard.  He is currently working with super-heavyweight Ossie Omoregie and is committed to carrying on helping as many different members of society as he is able to.  ‘London’s community spirit is alive in [Power of Boxing venue Fitzroy Lodge in Lambeth]. We help each other out.  It is all based around hard work, discipline and respect.  Everyone there is my second family.’



Junior says his cycle of selling drugs, shoplifting, robbery and going to jail came to an end in April 2011 when he met George Turner of Power of Boxing venue Carney’s Community in Battersea.  Junior started boxing and came to realise that ‘there was more to life than being bad’, and indeed that, in the words of Mark Reigate, his ‘profile could be up’ in just as much a way through the positive discipline of boxing, as the negative life of crime. 


Junior describes his own boxing mentors as ‘positive and creative role models’ and while modestly nervous of being thought of as a role model himself, likes to think he might be more an ‘inspiration’.  Already a qualified gym instructor, Junior is living out his dream of being a personal trainer, with Carney’s Community and Power of Boxing.


Junior’s fellow Carney’s Community boxers echo his experience: ‘Everyone out there can change, you’ve got to dedicate yourself to it and do the right things.  If you come this way [of the boxing club], the opportunities are endless: you don’t know where your life can go.  Anything is possible: you can do anything.’